Who We Serve

With customized planning services and investment strategies, I help individuals and busy families better understand their financial situation and plan for the future. Serving a diverse client base from across the country, my clients and their families value our relationship, the process, and the direct access to a wide range of comprehensive financial products and services.

Building Wealth

Building and protecting your wealth starts with clear, careful planning. You have time on your side, so we will help you take the critical steps today that can help you build your wealth for tomorrow. Through our planning process, we will create a personalized Financial Roadmap to help you take advantage of opportunities and avoid obstacles. We help you address many questions including:  

AAA-building-wealth-iStock-869595964.pngHow can we save for multiple financial goals and priorities at the same time?

How much should we be spending and saving each month?

Should we establish investment savings accounts outside of our employer-sponsored retirement plans?

How can we better use our money to give back to the organizations that are important to us?

Preparing For Retirement

With retirement approaching, we will continue to revisit your Financial Roadmap and consider your retirement goals, investment objectives, and insurance policies as you prepare for the retirement you’ve worked so hard to achieve. We help you address many important questions:
When can I (we) retire?

How should we adjust our investments as we move into retirement?  

How do we incorporate the timing of our social security income streams into our planning?

How do we prepare for long-term care health care costs in retirement?

How do we incorporate the effects of inflation on our retirement spending needs?

Living in Retirement

Retirement is the beginning of the next chapter of your life.  As such, we continue the planning process to help you live the retirement you’ve envisioned. We help answer your questions, including:   

AAA-Livingg-In-TM_0127_575_C.pngHow can I keep pace with inflation now that I’m on a fixed income?

How do I manage cash-flow now that I’m not receiving a paycheck from an employer?

When do I begin taking my Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and what if I don’t need the money for living expenses?

Are my insurance needs adequate? Are there any gaps?

How much money should I withdraw from my retirement plans to supplement social security and pension income?

Should I revisit my estate plan and charitable gifting strategies?

How can I put together a legacy plan for distributing my estate according to my wishes?