For most people, making money isn’t the hardest part–using that money to build wealth is.  The planning process puts you and your family in the driver’s seat.  It helps you get organized around your financial life and simplifies investment decision-making. The process centers around your tailored Financial Roadmap and helps you see how you can accomplish your goals and what it can do for you in the future. 

The Roadmap is informative.  It’s collaborative. It’s powerful. 

Your Financial Roadmap leverages Wells Fargo Advisors’ many tools, resources, and capabilities to help you maximize your future goals and aspirations.  Your plan includes investment strategies and considers your cash flow needs, savings goals, insurance coverages, lending opportunities, tax strategies, and more. As a natural educator and financial coach, we will work together so that you understand what your plan is doing, and why.

Creating your Financial Roadmap

The Financial Roadmap is designed to simplify your financial life and bring clarity to your spending and savings goals. The process helps you see and think about your money in more deliberate ways.


AAA-Step1-iStock-1189943543.pngStep 1: Are We a Fit?

In our initial phone call, we spend about 15 minutes together. It’s a time for both of us to ask questions. My goal is for you to learn about my process and approach, so we have alignment on the path forward.


AAA-Step2-iStock-670591110.pngStep 2: Getting To Know You

If we decide to work together, we schedule a meeting, via zoom or in person. You’ll spend time with me dreaming out loud about what your ideal future looks like.  Where do you want to go?  What scares you?   After the meeting, you’ll receive a summary of what I understood your goals and concerns to be, along with a checklist of documents I need to create a Financial Roadmap to the life you want to live.


AAA-Steps3-AdobeStock_19847787.gifStep 3: Creating Your Roadmap

Once my office receives your checklist items, the planning process begins. I pull all of the components of your financial life together to create your Roadmap that serves as the foundation for a successful path to the future. We meet to review my recommendations and make any necessary adjustments.  If we’re in alignment, I move forward to execute the recommended Roadmap.


AAA-Step4-TM_1204_581_B.pngStep 4: Checking In

About three months after the investment accounts are established and the plan is put into action, we schedule a touch base to review how the plan is going. I make any needed modifications and outline the next steps, so you can continue to focus on the life you love, knowing you’re on track for the future you want.


AAA-Step5-TM_1202_366_D.pngStep 5: Strategy Meetings

Our strategy meetings occur both on a set schedule and/or when you experience a job change, major purchase, job loss or life event to help ensure your money is connecting to what is important in your life. During periods of market volatility, I will proactively reach out to help you keep your emotions in check and better understand how your Roadmap is structured to weather market swings.

We set and track progress towards the goals and objectives that you really want to accomplish over time and tweak your Roadmap, as necessary, for the coming year.

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“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” –Warren Buffett